Hvad vores kunder siger om os?

Vi har i vores hænder mange hjemmesider for virksomheder og enkeltpersoner. Vores kunder giver os udfordringer, kreativt rum og tilfredshed med det implementerede arbejde. Vi mener, at via vores projekter øger organisationerne deres position på internettet og skaber ny kvalitet inden for præsentation af produkter og tjenester online.

Vi forsøger at samarbejde på højeste niveau. Tak for dine taknemmelige ord. De giver os motivation til at videreudvikle og opretholde en høj kvalitet af tilbudte tjenester.

Velkommen til at tilføj en opinion om vores samarbejde. Vi siger tak på forhånd!

Web udvikler – en ny hjemmeside
Super effektivt og reelt – en god oplevelse i forbindelse med oprettelse af professionel hjemmeside. Som første gangs skal man oprette en hjemmeside har vi haft mange spørgsmål og ikke kendt til processen. Małgorzata Eguia (IT Engineer & Web Developer) har været med os hele vejen og har gang på gang gjort hele processen forståeligt og overkommelig. Svar på spørgsmål har været promte og gennemført og der er ganske simpelt intet at sætte den mindste finger på. Det har gjort en kæmpe forskel for os og har givet os ro i maven og tiden til at fokusere på andre ting. Tusind tak for at give http://pjejendomsservice.dk/ alle denne fine hjælp til at komme i gang 😊
Vi kan kun på det alle varmeste anbefale  Małgorzata Eguia

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PJ Ejendomsservice
Odense, Danmark

Web developing
With great pleasure, for the third time I’ve worked with the professional Ms. Małgorzata. She created for us difficult graphically webpage. Everything works perfectly and the work was proceeded quickly, efficiently, always within the agreed deadlines. Ms. Malgorzata answers very fast for all questions! Thats really unusual in IT area .I am very pleased with our cooperation.

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Maria Marquardt
k-i-p.pl / Katowice / Poland

website creation
I ordered in CooLWeb performance of the website( www.ogólnopolskabazafirm.pl ) and redesign of my old websute ( www.otowakacje24.pl ) In both cases, the cooperation went without any problems, all requests and refinement have been made as I imagined. A lot of elements Mrs Malgorzata has also proposed by herself. You can see that these two projects were selected the best solutions. I will recommend friends to cooperate with MS Malgorzata and perhaps in the future, I will use the offer of CooLWeb again 🙂

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Ewelina Baranowska
otowakacje24.pl / Opalenica

Webdesign – Hotel booking online
As one of the owners of my company, I had very high expectations for the type of website I wanted to create. I was very pleased with the work done by Coolweb. They worked very hard to create what I had envisioned for our company’s website. Not only were they very knowledgeable and efficient in their work, but they also offered their suggestions and creative ideas time and time again throughout the process of adding numerous pages and features to our website. I was very impressed with the quality of work, customer care, and meticulous attention to detail. I will surely refer them to any business associates who are looking for quality web designers!

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Beatriz Angeles
mihotelchollo.es / Gijon,Spain

Coding the website, blog and online store
Malgorzata coded for us 3 pages in the system: joomla, wordpress, and based on the software shoper. Everything came out perfectly as it came up schedule. I am very pleased with the end result. In our cooperation especially I appreciate the excellent contact, timeliness and high dedication in solving difficult problems. I will certainly come back to the company Cool-Web.

hjemmesider fynMichał Kowalik
3MK / Ostrów Wielkopolski

City Portal
I would recommend cooperation with Cool Web. I ordered from Ms. Malgorzata www.nashhull.co.uk city portal based on CMS Joomla. I admit that it was a challenge for both sides, because the portal is created entirely in Russian. The end result exceeded our expectations. I am very satisfied with the services of Cool Web. We appreciate the cooperation of the degree of excellent !!! The site was created according to my expectations, quickly and on time, although the additional difficulty was the Russian language. Contact with Mrs Malgorzata is perfect !!!
Certainly I would use more of the Cool Web services in the future.

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Katarzyna Andrejeva
nashhull.co.uk / Hull, England

Joomla website
Hello Everyone interested in entrusting Mrs. Malgorzata performance of IT service. As a total layman I made an appointment with Coolweb to discuss the implementation of the website. After determining the scope and my expectations, very discrete but very professional suggestions Malgorzata proceeded to implementation. Taking orders took place with a shocking speed, interrupted only my how trivial questions because of the total lack of knowledge. To all my questions I received an immediate response, most importantly tailored to my level of knowledge. I assure you that cooperation with the owner of www.coolweb.eu/dk/ will provide you with none stress web developing and all the steps to create and provide complete satisfaction with the final result. All those who have the expertise informatics assure the highest level of executed orders. I wish you all the other hand, as Ms Malgorzata in all areas of cooperation. Created by Ms. Malgorzata website is www.cerkiwe.com.pl Best regards Jarosław

hjemmesider fyn

Jarosław K
cerkwie.com.pl / Białystok

Making TWO websites with supplied psd
The highest level of performance, exemplary contact. Reaction to MEGA MINOR fault almost immediate. I would recommend every company and individual private information services Małgorzata.

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Marcin Piskorz

Travel Agency website with Merlin X
Mrs Malgorzata knows a lot of technical innovations, shortcuts, opportunities, curiosities. It’s made our cooperation much easier. Meanwhile building the webpage Mrs Malgorzata was available to us at any time, all honestly explained and advised. I sincerely recommend reliable Cool Web company that creates modern websites.

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Wioletta Pisarska
trv.pl / Wrocław / Poland

Cutting PSD to Joomla template configuration
The Cool Web customer service is at a very high level. We had the impression that we get a lot more than it would result from the agreement. Trouble-free contact, rapid response to requests for amendments, very short deadlines for implementation of the tasks, the vast technical knowledge are just some of the strengths of this company.

hjemmesider fyn

Błażej Kozioł
Poznań / Poland

Performance of website and blog
We would recommend working with Ms Malgorzata – very fast made for me two profesional websites, and also advised and provided exhaustive answers to my questions. Additional advantages are fast implementation of the project and hassle-free contact. Customer service at a very high level – will still be using the services of Ms. Małgorzata.

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Hanna Kolber

The website
Cooperation with Mrs. Margaret Eguia was a great pleasure. All my wishes have been fulfilled, and the reported amendments introduced quickly. The whole is made on time. I also had the impression that I got much more than was written into the contract.
Recommend and once again thank you for your kind cooperation.

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Katarzyna Wilk
Portal dla kobiet / Warszawa

Implementation of template for joomla 2.5
With a clear conscience I have to admit that the level of services that offers the company COOL WEB and Mrs. Małgorzata is the highest. All of my suggestions, comments in the course of the work are taken into account, even my light,, mess “when the page was already on the server. Sometimes it felt intrusive when I sent to Ms. Malgorzata ten e-mails, but it was all in the highest degree implementation refined. I Take advantage yet probably not one of the services of the company COOL WEB

hjemmesider fyn

Piotr Kostrzębski

website performance
I was very happy working with Ms. Malgorzata. The developing of new website for my travel agency was realized very professionally. For every question I got and answer almost immediately. Minor amendments have been made to date. In total, the building of a new website did not last long, and the cost was really normal. I can safely recommend this company other people who would like to have a functional and professional website.

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Wiesław Chmielewski
sigma-travel.pl / Warszawa

Redesign of the website
With full responsibility we can recommend the service Mrs Malgorzata in the field of reconstruction of web pages and create pages from scratch. All our suggestions and assumptions have been considered and implemented. This resulted in a very interesting page. It is known that the website is, in a sense, each card company that helps create the business and has a decisive influence on its image. Have a look at our website www.hawo.com.pl

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Poronin, Poland



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